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Collagen Induction Therapy, known as Microneedling, is the only way to naturally improve the quality and appearance of your skin.  The E-Dermastamp, a Health Canada approved device and needle head with cone shaped micro needles is used to create micro columns, millions of them, in the upper layer of the dermis.  The E-Dermastamp uses "atraumatic" needles so that there is minimal bleeding, and no ablative trauma to the skin. This ensures that only the type of cell regeneration we want is produced instead of "emergency wound healing" cells such as scar tissue.

Microneedling promotes collagen production, improves the appearance fine lines and wrinkles, improves the appearance of scars and acne scars, improves pigmentation of dark/sun spots, tightens and tones the skin.  Results can be seen in as little as 1-3 sessions.  Results will continue to occur and be apparent as cell regeneration continues and the epidermis is turned over every 28 days (or 60 days for mature clients).

The Treatment:
We prenumb your skin so the procedure is as comfortable as possible. It is about a 1-3 on the pain scale.  Sterile Hyalruonic Acid of 98% concentration is applied to the skin and needling begins.  When the microneedling is complete a sterile hyaluronic acid face mask is applied for 15 minutes to help sooth the redness and tightness that occurs.  The skin has drastically improved absorption rate at this point so you will receive maximum benefits from the hyaluronic acid penetrating the dermis.
At the end of the treatment you will be given a full ampule of sterile hyaluronic acid and another sterile face mask to take home and use throughout the rest of the day.

Your skin will have increased absorption rate for roughly 7 days following the procedure.
We have available for sale a facial serum that contains 20% concentration of Vitamin C, as well as hyaluronic acid, and Vitamin E which all contribute to the repair and regeneration in the dermis.

$175.00 Single Session
$450.00 3 Session Package

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